Delivery Policy

1.      Introduction

1.1     This policy contains details of the delivery methods, periods and charges that apply to orders for our products made through our website or by telephone or email.

1.2     This policy is a legally binding document, and forms part of the contract of sale between you and us made under our terms and conditions of sale.

2.      Free delivery

2.1     We offer free standard delivery within the territory of Cyprus, provided the products ordered are in stock in Cyprus.

2.2     All other orders will be subject to delivery charges as specified in Section 5.

3.      Geographical limitations

3.1     We will usually be able to deliver to all countries and territories worldwide.

3.2     We may from time to time refuse delivery to some countries and/or territories.

4.      Delivery method and periods

4.1     We deliver via a delivery service provider agreed between you and us according to your preferences for a particular order (“the delivery services provider”), and all delivery periods coincide with the periods stated by the delivery service provider.

4.2     The delivery periods set out in this Section 4 are indicative only, and whilst we will make every effort to ensure that you receive your order in good time, we do not guarantee delivery before the end of the stated period.

4.4     We may conduct fraud screening checks before dispatching the product, and these checks may delay your delivery. In case a delivery is likely to be delayed as a result of fraud screening checks, we will notify you.

4.5     Delivery may be effectuated by another delivery method upon client specific request, in which case the client will be solely responsible for any eventual risks in this connection.

5.      Delivery charges

5.1     We offer standard delivery to all countries. Delivery charges depend on your country and will be calculated automatically.  

5.2.    Delivery of products in stock in Cyprus to be effectuated within the territory of Cyprus is free of charge.

5.3     Delivery to the Russian Federation is calculated individually.

6.      Delivery tracking

6.1     Delivery tracking is available in respect of all orders for our products.

6.2     To track your delivery, enter your order number (which is provided in your order confirmation email) into the tracking field on website of the delivery service provider.

7.      Receipt and signature

7.1     All deliveries are to be received in person at the delivery address and confirmed by the recipient’s signature.

7.2     The delivery service provider will notify you in advance of attempting to make a delivery requiring signature.

8.      Additional deliveries

8.1     If an initial delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the delivery service provider will make at least 1 (one) more attempt to deliver the products in your order.

9.      Collection

9.1     If your products remain undelivered despite the delivery service provider making at least 1 (one) more attempt to deliver them, the delivery service provider will leave a card at your address, with instructions on how you may collect your products, including a time limit for collection.

10.    Delivery problems

10.1   If you experience any problems with a delivery, please contact us using the contact details that we publish on our website or otherwise communicate to you.

10.2   If the delivery service provider is unable to deliver your order, and such failure is your fault, and you do not collect your products from the delivery service provider within the relevant time limit, we may agree to arrange for re-delivery of the products; however, we reserve the right to charge you with the actual costs of re-delivery (even where the initial delivery was free of charge).

10.3   An indicative list of the situations where a failure to deliver will be your fault is set out below:

(a)     you provided the wrong address for delivery;

(b)     there is a mistake in the address for delivery that was provided;

(c)     the address for delivery is not reasonably accessible;

(d)     the address for delivery cannot safely be accessed;

(e)     if in-person receipt is not required, there is no easy and secure means of leaving the products at the address for delivery and there is no person available to accept delivery; or

(f)      if in-person receipt is required, there is no person available at the address for delivery to accept delivery and provide a signature.

11.    Customs and import tax

11.1   We do not add taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges. You pay us exactly the price calculated for your order, i.e. the price of the product indicated on our website plus delivery charges.

11.2   However, due to the fact that in many countries there exist import taxes and/or custom dues, and these vary from country to country depending on the relevant rulings, there is no way for us to calculate such additional expenditures connected with the delivery of your order or pre-pay them.

11.3   Thus, such taxes and/or dues are the sole responsibility of our customers. Please find out more in this regard before making your order to avoid unforeseen expenditures.